Friday, February 27, 2009

Recipe Search

Hurry! Deadline for Recipe Submissions is April 7!!

Do you have a favorite recipe you'd like to see published in the upcoming WorldWide Ward Cookbook - Christmas Edition? To submit a recipe just click on the SUBMIT RECIPE button to the right.

We are currently seeking recipes that you serve when you celebrate Christmas. These recipes do not need to appear to be Christmas recipes...tell us what you serve and what makes it Christmas for you. We want to know what you eat when you celebrate Christmas in New York and in Texas and in Ohio and in Washington and in every state in between. We want to know how you celebrate in Canada and Argentina and China and Africa and Australia and every country around the world. So...send us your recipes from where you live. And if you've lived or visited somewhere else in the world, tell us how Christmas is celebrated there. If you know someone who lives in a different state or country, please ask them to send in a recipe. How marvelous to include members from all over. How fun it is to find out what other people eat when they gather! We are seeking:

--Recipes you serve for Christmas Dinner, whether it be the Main Course or a Side Dish that completes the meal.

--Christmas Morning recipes.

--Christmas Beverages.

--Fabulous Dessert recipes.

-- Recipes that are wonderful for Gift Giving.

This is definitely OPTIONAL...We'd also like to hear your most touching Christmas Story, or Tradition, or Custom that goes along with your recipe. Perhaps a family or ward event, a touching missionary experience or a happy or moving Christmas memory associated with your recipe. We'd love to hear it. Remember...this part is OPTIONAL. You can certainly submit a recipe without a story.

Hurry!! We can only accept recipes for this Christmas Edition book until April 7, 2009!!

As this is a World Wide Ward Cookbook we hope to collect recipes, traditions, customs and stories from members who live across the USA and around the world. So...Who do you know who lives somewhere else?? Please tell them about this blogspot and invite them to participate!


washcomom said...

I received my copy of the "Worldwide Ward Cookbook" today in the mail and I am thrilled with the outcome! Thank you so much for putting this all together! I'm excited to make the new recipes that included. Congratulations on such a huge project!

Grace said...

What a great job you did in putting together the WWW cookbook! It's great! I just purchased one. I will definitely be trying many of the recipes.

Grace Whitnah
Aloha Oregon's great to see Kelly Brown's recipe in your book!

deanna said...

Deanna, I just received my "ward" cookbook. It is beautiful, fabulous, and it has all our family reading page by page. My two boys 10 and 12 years old, are reading and marking the recipes that they want to make. We read it in the car after we grabbed it out of the mailbox yesterday. I had no idea what recipe I submitted, but the boys found it right away, it helped that it was in the front. I submitted the "Mango Salsa" recipe and our family felt like I was some sort of celebrity. It was so cute. Thank you for the recipe book, it was a great return for my submission. I submitted a recipe for your xmas book and I hope you will use it because it is truly the best Pumpkin Chocolate chip bread recipe ever.

Thanks again,
Deanna Nunley

Gygi said...

Hello! I have heard great things about your book, and was hoping I could contact you and carry our book at our store.
Heather Smith
Orson Gygi Company

Sandra Rittmanic said...

Hi Deanna,
I recieved a copy of the "Worldwide Ward Cookbook". It took me a few minutes to figure out why!! What a nice surprise. Thank You! It is a fabulous cookbook and fun to read. I am showing it off to my family & friends and trying out the family LOVES that!

Sandra Rittmanic
Provo, Utah

PS Would it be possible to make a small change in my recipe for the next printing? It will make a big difference!

Grace said...

deanna i submitted a couple recipes today and again wanted to thank you for the cookbook. i think this is great that you are doing this for a christmas book as well. that should be fun :)

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