Wednesday, September 9, 2009

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Worldwide Ward Mom's Best Recipe Cookbook
I've missed my deadline but I'm not finished gathering. It's not too late!!! Send me your recipes...It'll be over soon...but not yet!

Send me your best recipe.
THEN tell me your best "Mom" story.
(The story does not have to be related to the food(recipe) but it certainly can be.)

Are you a mom? Share with us something clever or funny or spiritual or heartbreaking or tender or heartwarming.

For example:
Are you a first time mom?
Are you adopted?
Have you adopted children?
Are you the mother of lots of children?
Do you have step-children?
Are you hoping, longing, praying, waiting for children?
Are you the mother of a missionary, so far away, for so long?
Are you the mother of a soldier, so far away, for so long?
Have you lost a child?
Have you lost your mother?
Are you the mother of a handicapped child?

Tell us your story...make us laugh, make us cry, break our hearts, give us hope, warm our souls, make us cry some more...give us a tiny little glimpse into your life.


Tell us about your mother. Tell us a story or a memory or a tradition or a hardship she endured with grace or any other lovely thing about your wonderful mother. Every one has something uinque or funny or exciting or tender or spiritual or loving to say about their mother. Tell us about yours. Make us laugh. Make us cry.


Do you know a terrific mom? Tell us about her. Perhaps she made a marvelous difference in your life. Perhaps she influenced you and/or others for good. Perhaps she feels like family to you. Whatever it is, whoever she is...tell us about her. Make us laugh. Make us cry.

Click on "Submit Recipe" in the top left corner. Fill in the blanks. It is very easy to send in your recipe and story.

Click on the top right corner for the Worldwide Ward Family Secret Recipe Cookbook -- scroll down to read the blog below about it.


Tanner Christensen said...

Hey, did you see this article on the book? Love it!

Bellante Family said...

This has to do with the first worldwide ward cookbook, page 299: the Meringue Pie with Strawberries from Jody Jones. Is there an amount for the butter? I am assuming maybe one stick but they could have a different amount for 1stick in France... (It just says "Melt butter and gradually add...") Want to make for my in-laws who are visiting from California this week for our newphews baptism. My Father-in-law LOVES his wife's Lemon Meringue so I figured I would give the Strawberry Meringue a try.

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