Friday, April 29, 2011

Women's Conference

Wow! It was so fun to talk to so many of you today at Women's Conference at BYU. I am always so amazed to see how far some of you come to attend this great conference. And I love that so many of you live right here, or at least fairly nearby.

Such amazing opportunities we have, to attend such amazing conferences and have the privilege of hearing from our wonderful leaders. There is something completely special (terrific? spectacular? amazing? is there a word for it?) about being in the same room with them, seeing them with your own eyes, breathing the same air...AND if you are patient enough, you can actually talk with them, even shake their hands.

I could tell when Elder Bednar was speaking because one minute the BYU Bookstore was buzzing with people. I heard one student walk by talking on her phone, saying, "I need to buy paint brushes but there are women everywhere." Ha! It's true. Women everywhere. Then the next minute, the store was empty as everyone scrambled to get a seat where Elder Bednar was speaking. How marvelous.

I loved meeting so many of you today. I remember many of your names (some of them I wrote down so I would have an easier time remembering - is that cheating? ;) I don't think so!) I'll be watching for your recipes to come in. If I didn't meet you today...well, I'd love for you to send in your recipes as well! I really do hope you all submit your recipes. Just click on one of the Submit Recipe buttons over there (points to the top of the right column) and send me a recipe and tell me your story. Click on the tab up there (points to the tab at the top right) and you can read an explanation of what I'm currently seeking.

Then, tell your friends and family who live 'somewhere else.' I am always searching for people who live somewhere else. Without you I couldn't go around the world and find so many great people. (insert heart here)

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