Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mom's Best Recipe Search
Hurry! Deadline is September 15 (but please don't wait till then...)
Coming for Mother's Day 2010 is the Worldwide Ward Mom's Best Recipe Cookbook. Tell me your Mom's Best Recipe! This recipe can be in any category -- Appetizer, Beverage, Breakfast, Bread, Side, Soup, Salad, Main Dish or Dessert. Choose a recipe that every time you make and/ or eat it, you think of your beloved Mother, OR every time you make and/or eat it, you feel like a wonderful Mom.

Then tell me about your Mom. This can be a cherished memory from your childhood or a funny experience or a special event that she was known for serving this recipe. Perhaps you learned to make this recipe at your Mother's elbow. Or perhaps you begged for the recipe so you could learn to make it after you left home. Whatever it is...tell me. It doesn't even have to have anything to do with the recipe...but make it a loving tribute to your Mom.

OR tell me something wonderful about being a Mom. Tell me something cute or funny or spiritual or warm and fuzzy or joyful or tear jerking about being a Mom.

OR tell me something fabulous about someone is like a mom to you. Maybe she's made a giant difference in your life or maybe she is the one who filled those mother shoes for you. Whatever it is...tell me. We would all love to know. you know a member who lives somewhere else? Perhaps another state? Perhaps another country? Please invite them to submit their Mom's Best Recipe and a tribute to their Mom.

Deadline for this book is September 15.

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