Thursday, July 23, 2009

Family Secret Recipe Search
Send me your best, favorite, most beloved recipe and be creative with the "secret" part.

A few examples...

A secret recipe that has been in your family and passed down for generations.

A recipe that has an ingredient that is the secret to the success of the recipe. What makes it unique or better than all the others like it.

A recipe that is the secret to the success of an event, party or gathering.

A recipe that you created and is the result of your secret food genius!

As always, I am seeking recipes and the wonderful stories that go with them. If you have no story to share, please send your recipe anyway. Every recipe certainly does not have to include a story.

However, if you do have a story, especially a marvelous story including the secret nature of the recipe, please submit it right away. Have fun with this part! Be creative, cute, funny, serious... whatever strikes you. The stories that come with the recipes are such fun and we will all love reading yours!

I am always on the search for recipes from people who live somewhere else. If you have a member friend or relative, please PLEASE invite them to submit a recipe. I'm trying once again to find someone living in each state and in as many countries as possible.

Deadline for this book is January 2010.

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