Friday, February 25, 2011


Can you believe it?! The brand new Worldwide Ward Cookbook is here!! This one is called Secret Recipes. It is full of the most fun and fabulous recipes ever!! The recipes come from members living all over the place, including every single state in the United States of America and 32 different countries around the world. How marvelous is that?!

There are some seriously great recipes in this book. How does BBQ Shrimp Orleans sound right about now? This recipe comes from Kristi Craft who lives in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. She says this stuff tastes just like the shrimp you can get at a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse only she makes it herself. And now you can, too!!

Or how about Lemon Sherbet Punch. doesn't even have to be hot outside for me to imagine sipping on this stuff. It comes from Charles Wells who lives in Dublin, Ireland. How cool is that?! There is also (among many others) an amazing recipe for a luscious drink called Lion's Froth from Natalia Stegall in Rexburg, Idaho. So lovely!

So many wonderful people, from so many wonderful places, sent in such glorious recipes. Daria Abraham from Palmerston, New Zealand sent in Tropical Coffee Cake. No coffee in this cake (ha ha ha How did that name ever come to be??), instead it is filled with pineapple and coconut. So intriguing and yet it doesn't surprise me that such a recipe would come from New Zealand. Man o man, makes my mouth water. Esther Lee in Singapore sent in her treasured recipe for Kung Pao Chicken, and Anastasia Upton from Raleigh, North Carolina sent in Apple-Glazed BBQ Chicken.

Perhaps my favorite (well, let's see...truth is I could no more choose a favorite recipe than I could choose a favorite song or favorite movie! Too many categories and too many moods and situations that affect the criteria for favorite! Sheesh...), so ... perhaps... for this moment in time my favorite is a cake recipe from Emily Price in Laurel, Maryland. Milky Way Cake. Made with 8 eight Eight EIGHT, yes, count them 8 regular sized Milky Way bars. Wow! Now there's a secret recipe. She says it is "tried and true and very, very rich..." Wow! I believe it.

There are just so many completely delicious things to try in this book and I'd like to tell you about more of them, but the truth is, I have to go to the store now and buy 9 Milky Way bars (8 to make the cake and 1 to eat on the way home, of course) so I can make this. I shall return soon and tell you how it turns out!

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slbeesfan said...

Wow, just got back from WalMart with my copy of Secret Recipes! I was surprised that my recipe was there! That is so awesome. I love all of these books, this is a fantastic idea!

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