Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Article in the Deseret News

This morning there is a lovely article in the Deseret News about the brand new Worldwide Ward Cookbook - Secret Recipes. You can read it here . Read to the end because there are some awesome recipes from the book included.

The only addition (correction?) I'd make to this article is the part about my testing recipes. The truth is that I don't test (really I just try them because I want to make them) all the recipes. AND a more important truth is I really haven't tried (tested?) any recipes that I have not liked. Maybe this is because I love to cook and/or I love to eat. I like so many things. I really believe, though, that I haven't found anything I don't like because people only send in wonderful recipes that are tried and true and loved by those they make it for. And then I love them, too.

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