Friday, April 8, 2011

Secret Combinations - Daily Herald Article

The Daily Herald ran an awesome article about the Secret Recipes cookbook. The article was written by Karen Hoag (who always does such a wonderful job!) and she called it "Secret Combinations." Ha ha ha! How cute is that?! She included several recipes in her article, some from the Secret Recipes cookbook and others from other sources. You'll want to read to the end to catch all the great recipes!
Read the Secret Combinations Article

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Cheryl Armajo said...

you are my inspiration to create a cooking blog. I actually have a blog, I just don't know how to do it, you know, make it cute and add stuff. I am not even sure if this comment counts as an entry to win one of the fabulous give aways! I hope so!
Keep up the good work..your blog is cute!
PS It is telling me to pick a profile..I haven't a clue what that means so I will randomly choose one!

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